Socks & Insoles

Our Alpaca socks are super warm, natural wicking, and zero itchiness. 

   ALPACA SLUMBER SOCKS        Materials: 90% Acrylic , 7% Polyester, 3% Spandex

Care: Normal gentle laundry wash and dry


High Calf Boot Socks. 

 Made of 78% Alpaca, 20% Nylon,   2% Lycra.

 Colors: Light Gray, Light Fawn,   Brown.

 Comes in sizes S, M, L & XL.

 Made in the USA $30.00 a pair.


Outdoor Alpaca Socks/Aloe Infused

Made of 50% Alpaca 35% Acrlyic 8% Spandex 5% Elastic 2% Nylon

Colors: Brown, Black, Grey

Sizes: S.M.Lg. X-Lg.

Made in Peru $25.00

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Alpaca Spring Valley Insoles

 Made of 100% Alpaca, with a burlap layer in between both alpaca layers. 

 Sizes M, L, XL.They can be trimmed to exact size of shoe. 

Made in the USA. $20.00


Alpaca Face Ankle Socks

Made of 50% Alpaca, 35% Acrylic, 10% Nylon, 5%Spandex

Colors: Royal Blue-Wine

Sizes: S/M,L/XL

Made in Peru $15.00

Low Rise Active Wear Socks

 Made of 70% Baby Alpaca, 25%   Pyma Cotton- 5% Nylon/Spandex.

 Colors: Ivory/Black, Fuchsia/Baby   Blue, Silver/Purple, Orange/Baby   Blue

 Sizes: S/M, L/XL.

 Made in Peru $15.00 a pair.


Mama Cria Crew Socks

Made of 50% Alpaca, 35% Acrylic 

10% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Color: Teal

Sizes: S/M, L/XL

Made in Peru $20.00

Kid's Paca Socks 

 Made of 43% Alpaca, 43% Acrylic, 8% Nylon, 6% Elastic.

 Colors: Pink, Gray, Natural, Powder Blue. Sizes:  2-5 & 6-9. 

Made in Peru $10.00 a pair.

Therpeutic Socks

 Made of 64% Alpaca, 27% Acrylic, 5%   Nylon, 4% Elastic.

 Colors: Brown, Black, Pink, Gray, Blue,   Natural, Rose, Beige, Powder   Blue,Purple, Red, Navy Silver, Burgundy.

 Mens Sizes: (S) 4-7 (M) 7-9 (L) 9-11 (XL)   11 -14

 Womens Sizes: (S) 5-8 (M) 8-10 (L) 10-12

 MADE IN THE Peru $21.00

Survival Socks

 Made of 78% Alpaca, 20% Nylon, 2% Lycra.

 Colors: Lt. Gray, Fawn, Brown, Dark Gray.  

 Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

 Made in the USA $25.00 a pair. 

Outdoor Adventure Socks. 

 Made of 44% Alpaca, 44% Micro-fiber, 10% nylon and 2% lycra. 

 Colors: Cocoa Brown, Black & Gray  Sizes: S 7-9, M 9-11, L 10-13, XL 13-15. 

Made in the USA $30.00 a pair.

Superwarm Extra Thick Socks   Made of 44% Alpaca, 44%   Microfiber, 10% Nylon, 2% Lycra. 

 Colors: Cocoa Brown, Black, Gray

 Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

 Made in the USA $30.00 a pair.

Athletic Socks

 Made of 70% Baby Alpaca, 25%   Pyma Cotton, 5% Nylon with 


 Colors: Baby Blue, Black/Silver, Pink

 Sizes: S/M, L/XL.

 Made in Peru. $15.00 a pair.


Alpaca Print Crew Sock
Made of 70% Baby Alpaca 25% Nylon  5% Spandex
Colors: Ivory, Black
Sizes: S/M Lg./X-Lg.
Made in Peru $20.00



Motiff Casual Socks

 Made of 50% Alpaca 35% Acrylic 

 12% Nylon 3% Spandex

 Color: Black

 Sizes: S/M

 Made in Peru $20.00


Argyle Alpaca Socks 

 Made of 38% Baby Alpaca, 37%   Acrylic, 25% Nylon.

 Colors: Black/Gray, Heather/Navy,   Navy/Charcoal, Brown/Beige,   Grey/Silver.

 Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

 Made in Peru. $17.00/pair.